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ACA Music


Welcome to ACA Music, a professional music management and booking agency for artists, talent buyers and agents.

We have transformed the process of booking artists through a fully interactive and constantly evolving service.

About us and our work

This website presents a range of established and emerging artists through a combination of our own artist database and the Last FM platform. Our booking roster is continually expanding and this gives us the flexibility to work with a growing number of artists and talent buyers from across the globe.

For Talent Buyers

ACA Music - for talent buyers

ACA facilitates offers, negotiates terms and secures artists for live apperances throughout Europe, The Americas and Asia.

For Agents

ACA Music - for agents

ACA connects artists with new audiences and talent buyers via an internationally recognised music company.

For Artists

ACA Music - for artists

ACA engages with a global network of talent buyers and artist representatives, seaking out opportunities to increase value for all parties.

We Consult

Formulating artist proposals and offers takes insight and experience. We utilise box office results, along with previous/current sales data and promotional activity online and offline.

We also connect our clients with event and production suppliers, as well as marketing and advertising agencies, in order to create, design and implement a 360 degree service.

We Develop

We also remain committed to artist development, facilitating and engaging with recording labels, publishing companies, PRs, radio pluggers and the live sector.

We're only a phone call away

Please contact us if you have any questions about our organisation or would like to reach out and discuss how we might be able to work together. You can call us on +44 (0)1225 428284 or simply send us your details and we will have an agent contact you directly. You can also follow us here: