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    We are looking for talent

    As a music management and booking agency, we are constantly reviewing and searching for exciting new artists; our website serves as a scouting tool for talent, and we are keen to follow the progress of artists as their popularity increases online and offline.

    About the submissions process

    Artists or representatives wishing to submit material to ACA Music are invited to create a profile by completing this form.

    After creating an artist account, you will be able to upload audio/video content directly. Our A&R team reviews each new profile within 7-14 days and checks weekly for newly added tracks and videos. Once an artist's account has been verified successfully, the profile will then become publicly accessible.

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    About website interaction

    Profiles with the most active and engaged audience at the end of each week are displayed in order of popularity, with the highest rated artist featuring as 'Artist of the Week'.

    Not only are weekly charts generated by votes, but also through audience interaction and participation through social media. This activity is tracked via the website and also through our Facebook app (directly from an artist's Facebook page).

    About the ACA Facebook App

    If you choose to install our app on your Facebook page, this will add your ACA profile directly to your "apps" list. The app displays your artist name, photo, bio, track listings (audio/video); it is essentially a media player. However, it is also an ACA artist booking form!

    Meet with us?

    We like to give artists the opportunity to meet with us at any time, either at our office or in a rehearsal/showcase, which we offer through private consultancy. Contact us to find out more.

    Remember: Video is King

    We suggest that artists upload video content in order to stand out. This can be done within your account page, once you have submited the form.

    Please note that an artist profile will not be displayed publicly until an account has been verified and activated by us.